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Gavin Crawley

Gavin Crawley

Partner - Freelance Copywriter

I’m Gavin and I have long held a view. A view that any company in any sphere of business should value its customers. Not only that, but a customer should not be left feeling like that company is somehow doing them a favour by serving them.

Almost a decade in retail has led me to the undeniable truth, that it’s customers that keep any business afloat and they shouldn’t be treated with contempt.

My forte is in copywriting, a skill that I developed during 12 years as an RAF transcriber and honed during the last 5 years as a freelance writer.

Louisa and I met during our career at Carphone Warehouse 10 years ago. We both strove to be the best and it’s this shared work ethic that ultimately led us to start a relationship. I advanced to management within the company and helped lead a new national broadband training program.

We are dedicated to making our dream a reality and with our company, 4 Contact UK, we aim to show that you can be successful and completely customer oriented at the same time. The two are not mutually exclusive.

I hope that if you choose us for your content writing, you will see exactly what we mean by customer delight.

Louisa Goldstone-Smith

Louisa Goldstone-Smith

Partner - Marketing & Operations

My name is Louisa. I have been in the customer delight business in one way or another my whole working life. I started young on the family market stall in London at the age of 10 and have had my schooling in what a business is and what is important almost every day since. My experience in retail ranges from managing a luxury women’s clothing store to global mobile phone sales.

One thing has underpinned each and every role that I have had, and that is the belief that if a customer leaves unhappy, they are unlikely to return. My dedication to going that extra mile to ensure everyone has a great experience has resulted in radio & TV appearances and my products in the hands of those attending London Fashion Catwalk events.

Having now worked for myself for 16 years, those principals have been applied to every venture I have been involved with (see below for a timeline of our most recent businesses). You could call me a serial entrepreneur but I see myself as adaptable and seeing value in something I’m passionate about and going with it. Success in my eyes, is knowing the market and changing with it and providing a service that keeps customers coming back.

Now, in 4 Contact UK we have a content writing and marketing company that has those same values. Even if you would just like a chat about what we could do for you, please give us a call. Myself and my partner Gavin value you and your needs.

Nathaniel Goldstone-Smith

Nathaniel Goldstone-Smith


Hello, I’m Nathaniel. I am new to the team as a writer whose main focus is to assist Gavin on his various projects.

Currently, I am completing my studies at sixth form college and then hope to go on to university to study a written subject such as politics.

I hope to offer a unique perspective on various subjects due to my age and experiences that most other writers cannot give. My quality is on par to that of Gavin’s and I assure you I am no slacker – something my generation is known for. My expertise is in technology, politics and history; all of which I have been obsessed with since I could move on my own two feet.

Along with my older two colleagues, I promise that we as a collective can give you the best service that you can dream of – we strive for excellence and only that. At 4 Contact UK, you will have the people best suited for your various writing and marketing needs, this, you can be sure of.

About Gavin….

Colchester freelance copywriter

Your Colchester freelance copywriter………

…..I am your friendly neighbourhood web content slinger. Wherever there is bad copy, I will be there. Wherever customers are given inferior service or offered ‘spun’ copy, I will be around to swoop in and…..ok, enough with the superhero analogies. Let’s talk about me for a moment.

I’ve been a copywriter for more than 5 years now and during that time, I’ve learnt a lot about what makes good, compelling content that readers will come back for time and again. I believe that employing me is something that you won’t regret.

What do I base that on?


  • Over 200 satisfied clients and counting
  • An approach that is completely client centric and geared to getting you value for money
  • A completely transparent way of working that keeps you in the loop at all times

When I take a project on, I know that I’m writing for you, on your behalf, essentially as if I were you. Whether it be for your website, your blog or your press release, I am your voice to your audience, which is why the utmost care is taken with every single word and syllable.

I have years of experience in writing, customer delight and doing the job right. A good review from a satisfied client, to me, is a mark of a job well done and something I strive for every single day.

Now, where’s my cape gone?

Oh, there it is….up, up and away!

Somebody somewhere needs some great copy. There’s not a moment to lose!

Want to hear more?

Timeline of Recent Ventures

Years at Wrap My Bar

Wrap My Bar was set up after I finished another creative business in designing and making greeting cards.

As a proprietor, I designed and made personalised wrappers for chocolate bars, created for the commercial and domestic markets. My bars were given out for promotional purposes on behalf of clients and even reached the hands of Peter Andre’s Manager and the London catwalk.

With the help of a website developer, we created an e-commerce site that enabled new customers to design and purchase online. This was my 2nd 1:1 lesson in creating a website from the back-end, but my 1st in a CMS.

After 2 years, the market had changed with the competition now offering the same and the wholesale price of chocolate soared. It was time to move on.

Years at Wow It's Clean Ltd

Gavin joined me in business when we started Wow It’s Clean, a domestic and commercial cleaning business that also specialised in Industrial deep cleans. I created our 1st website and then had a 2nd version built by a web designer.

About a year in, we realised that we needed to become a limited company to franchise the business, which we started from scratch. We had 2 pilot franchisees in operation quite soon. I helped these new business owners start up and run straight off the ground.

Our company became the 9th most recommended cleaning service in the UK through customer delight and we won work for clients including Marks & Spencer, large Pub chains, the Council, NHS and more.

We were so busy that it began to take its toll on our physical health and I had had a few dangerous accidents. We sold the business and moved on to recoup our health.

Years at 4 Contact UK

After Wow It’s Clean Ltd, I did a few months volunteering for a charity where I learnt about WordPress, web designing and social media from experts in the field.

Our 1st project was with the web design business owner there. It gave me the confidence to start training online. An online freelancing marketplace called People Per Hour, propelled us to landing our 1st batch of clients and still have 100% feedback from the work we completed. We created websites, content, SEO and social media until just recently.

4 Contact UK was growing fast and we were offered funding from a multi-millionaire to grow the business. However, we learnt a great lesson that became our downfall and that was relying on our biggest client who eventually became bankrupt. We didn’t see this a failure but a positive event which made us come back stronger and better informed!

Recently we came to the decision that Gavin’s content writing work is so popular that this is our main focus so we niched down! I, (Louisa), propelled him to success, so I focus on running the business.

Business Owner?

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We research your industry and know how to craft your message. With free revisions, you will get the perfect content you need fast.

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