Deciding to hire a copywriter for your project is one of the best decisions you can make. It is also one of the most unnerving decisions.

Your company is important to you. Every aspect of your project determines how your buyers will perceive you, your company, and your product.

How can you be sure that the person you hire for this important job will have the same passion and attention to detail as you would?

When you are outsourcing work for your company, there are no guarantees. Even if the copywriter claims to have a guarantee on their work, you still have to account for time lost and the process of finding another copywriter. A bad copywriting experience can also leave you suspicious and unsure of the quality work that another copywriter could provide.

Making the right decision the first time can be difficult. It takes time and effort. It also takes a little bit of knowledge and a lot of instinct. To help you find the best copywriter for your project, here is a list of character traits that an excellent copywriter should possess.

Reading skills:

Excellent copywriters love to read. Most copywriters love words in general. They read a large variety of texts including educational and leisure reading. They dissect the different rhythms and flows of other writers. They use this to expand their writing abilities.


Communication is essential for a top-notch copywriter. Their communication skills help them to work with clients in a professional manner. Through communication, they reach their target audience. Communication is the platform that their profession is based upon.


The best copywriters have the ability and desire to understand and relate to the emotional needs of others. They are fascinated by people and how their feelings can alter their decisions.


Excellent copywriters are also multi-tasking individuals. They have the ability to take on several projects at once while still maintaining deadlines. They are also very detail-oriented.


Observation skills of great copywriters enable them to see the world around them. They are aware of the surroundings and circumstances in the world around them. They are constantly on the lookout for something new to learn about and discover.


All copywriters should have a substantial amount of intelligence ;-). They need to have the ability to learn new subjects quickly and efficiently. Great copywriters also have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They want to know how things work. They research new subjects thoroughly.


Creativity enables a great copywriter to see a project or subject from several different angles. Their desire to seek out inspiration helps to spark new ideas.

A way with words:

An excellent copywriter needs to be able to use words in a way that can persuade others. Creating words that move others is not just writing. It is an art form.

The work of a great copywriter should leave you feeling like the words were written just for you. They should move you in a way that reaches the core of your soul. If this feeling is lacking when you read the work of a copywriter, then keep looking. This list of character traits and your instincts will assist you in finding the perfect copywriter for your business project.

BUT, and that’s a BIG BUT, the brief you give any copywriter is the most important part of the process.

A writer can only write their best if they have all the information. We have a few templates to help our clients give us that info but the one part that most don’t fill in, is their target audience. Again we have another template for that, head over to Identifying Your Target Audience for your free download.

And if you don’t already know, these traits are those of our resident copywriter, Gavin, who is ready to help you with your next project!