Google AI – Rewarding Organic Activity with Organic Growth

Getting your website ranked on Google has changed beyond all recognition in recent years, with the world’s largest search engine now rewarding natural activity, rather than basing everything on a set of metrics that could be manipulated by SEO. So, if traditional techniques for gaining better SERPs results aren’t working anymore, how exactly do you get your website on page 1 these days?

My talk at The Business Womans Network the Braintree group at West Street Vineyard in Coggeshall, will contain so much content that the £12.50 ticket will pay for itself. Here’s some of what will be included;

  • How AI relates to human behaviour and rewards those displaying what it sees as naturally occurring patterns, with a better ranking, leading to more sales.
  • Understanding what SEO really is, without the technical jargon and how it relates to the real world.
  • Learning what connects the dots to the success of your local business with an online strategy: the secret of cerebral local SEO as used by Fortune 500 companies. My talk won’t be about the standard, common or garden SEO techniques you can find out for yourself online. Connecting the dots is a method that got 1 business 50,000 visitors in just 48 hours and another £2000 worth of business in 2 days!

Google is an AI learning machine brain and you need to know how it sees signals to match up the ‘paths’ to your business.

This action-packed training will include the secrets many SEO companies don’t want you to know. Why? These techniques earn them £100,000’s per year and are closely guarded. Obviously, this makes up just one piece of the puzzle to increased traffic and more hungry customers, but when you lack time and money, local SEO shouldn’t be a minefield.

Find out how to harness your Google map listings to get to the top of the pack and get the attention you deserve to results in just a few months instead of 6! This isn’t about links, it’s about getting in the minds of the people that matter by leveraging your brand in your local market.

Not only will you learn these methods, but you will also get to promote your business and network with local business women. Join us, we are such a friendly bunch!

To book your place, either go to Eventbrite or the Facebook page.

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