Increase Sales With Managed SEO Services

Whether you’re looking to reduce reliance on ads, minimise tech overwhelm or frustration that you’re going nowhere, managed SEO services will give you clarity, leads and a way to the top ?


 Being an SEO for 9 years, I’ve seen many ups and downs, as well as the good, the bad and the ugly!

I know what gets results for certain types of business and when a different approach is required. I make informed data-based decisions and taking the necessary time to get to know you properly. Once I understand where you stand, I present my findings, along with honest judgements.

Don’t fret if your budget can’t stretch to managed services, as I now have DIY options available. They still involve me and will take you a little longer, but hey, teamwork makes the dream work 😉

Louisa Goldstone-Smith

Head of SEO, 4 Contact UK

louisa goldstone smith

What Does 1 Month of DWY Managed SEO Services Get Me?

These are actual results we gained for a client in their first month with us and with a budget of only £400!


Increased Website Authority


Increased Traffic


Increased Goal Conversions


New Keyword Rankings


Increased Website Speed


New Backlinks Indexed

Let’s Do SEO

If you’ve read through and our DIY SEO services page and want to explore the 3 options in more detail, get in touch with us today and let’s have a chat about how we can help you achieve your goals.


Do It Yourself SEO is not necessarily done on your own, as you get to join my community and enjoy access to video training & resources that allow you to work at your own pace. However, the main benefit is the personal service.

You will receive

  • A personalised strategy call with me once a month (1 hour)
  • Access to my SEO tools, reporting & more, saving you £100’s
  • A guided plan to follow
  • Discounted services, usually reserved for agencies
  • Community support for quick questions and confidence building

DWY SEO Consulting

Done With You SEO is provided monthly on a consultant basis. I take care of everything apart from the content creation to help keep costs down, allowing you to create it yourself or hire a copywriter.

I will come up with the strategy, implement all the SEO measures and direct you or your copywriter in line with the content plan.

How much will it cost?

For a medium local service-based business, in a medium competitive industry, pricing starts from only £400 per month!

DFY Fully Managed SEO Services

With Done For You fully managed services, you get quality content creation and high authority PR. More hours = quicker results and the difference between us and agencies is that we don’t cap how many keywords/areas we target.

Best suited to highly competitive industries and e-commerce stores.

How much will it cost?

For an e-commerce store with 50 products in a medium competitive market, targeting 1 country, pricing starts from £1000 per month.

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We know how hard it is to choose a service and that you just want it taken off your hands. You can be free of this burden if you want an easy decision.